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We have strong organizing and communication skills, and we work together as a cohesive team. Our team takes great pleasure in its meticulousness. You can have faith that we will complete the task despite the complexity of the trucking industry. If you decide to collaborate with us, we will do so as committed professionals.

Our goal is to increase earnings for our carriers so that they can concentrate on the route. Owner Drivers can only spend 11 hours per day on the road. We'll ensure that your free time is truly restful. Based on the profile, ELD, and preferences of the carrier, we will arrange the best possible rate. At all times, we have someone keeping an eye on the load boards.

From cargo sourcing to payment processing, we've got you covered as a full-service dispatch company. We have a paperwork-only option, which includes Carrier Packets, insurance certificates, and invoice processing. Our company is an expert in the logistics of trucking, including the scheduling of dry van, reefer, flatbed, box truck, and hotshot vehicles. There is also a fixed rate for our services

Our group is distinguished from the competition by the fact that we give full service for a flat monthly fee that is significantly less than the market average of 10% of gross. To keep our prices affordable we use a transportation management system to streamline and automate as much of our routine work as possible. We reduce costs for the provider without sacrificing service quality or speed.

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Indicative documentation

It is crucial that carriers pay close attention to detail in a field that requires a great deal of documentation.  In the transportation business, mistakes are expensive.  When it comes to finishing carrier packets, getting certificates of insurance, confirming rates, and sending invoices to factoring companies, our team is quick and dependable. Thanks to our prompt service, we've established strong partnerships with brokers.  With us, drivers can concentrate solely on their route.

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Rate Confirmation

To identify a load, we consider the carrier's profile, current ELD, and uploaded preferences via mobile app.  There are a number of factors that our dispatchers consider in order to secure the finest rate:


• Distance in actual miles

• Number of stops

• Deadhead distance

• Time of pickup/delivery

• Load weight


Consideration is given to additional charges that may be added to the freight for services the carrier may obtain.  We consider:


• Detention pay

• Straps/blankets/binders/tarps

• Layover pay

• Lumper/driver assist pay

• TONU pay


Everything in this industry carries a fee.  We will exert considerable effort to ensure that carriers are compensated for their services.

Collect your money QUICKLY!

We are aware of the significance of financial flow to the owner operator.  As soon as we receive BOL/POD, we send an invoice to the carrier's factoring firm.  We are willing to cooperate with any factoring company in order to get the carrier reimbursed, but providing this service is not required.  


Pros and Cons of Using a Dispatch Service

Not every fleet proprietor needs a dispatch service.  Whether or not you should get assistance depends on how much help you need.  If your company is doing well enough to afford an assistant, here are some advantages and disadvantages to think about.


  • In addition to saving time and allowing for better rate negotiations,

  • An owner-operator directs the operations of his or her vehicle and its movement through the assignment of a truck dispatcher.

  • All Broker Communications

  • Reduced Deadhead

  • Administrative Back-Up




To what extent a company can manage to hire a dispatcher is a critical question.  Common practice in the market places a benchmark at 10% of gross revenue.  There is a lot of money here.  We're pleased to offer our services with options of a percentage or fixed rate every month.  Our price is significantly lower than average.  Thanks to modern tools, we can multitask efficiently and complete tasks in record time.


It's Important to Consider the Service's Quality and Quantity

However, not all dispatch companies are created alike.  For a low, regular price, you can take advantage of our extensive support.  From making a reservation to making a payment, we've got you covered.


Our Packages

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