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Highway Aerial


GQL is committed to getting the job done, especially regarding Dispatching. You can count on us to be intellectual, professional, timely, and make sure you’re satisfied throughout the entire process.


Knowledgeable Dispatchers

We know that only professional and intelligent team can deliver high-level service. 


Top Paying Loads

Finding top paying loads is our specialty, all you have to do is concentrate on driving. 


Credit Checks

Credit checks for freight brokers are a must for anyone in the trucking sector, but this is especially important for owner-operators.



The importance of adhering to the rules of the road necessitates the need for someone to keep an eye on it.  It takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork and that it is correctly completed, filed, and maintained.  Only a well-trained and well-informed crew can provide top-notch customer service, and that's where GQL comes in.


Fax/Email Documents

Our experience extends beyond dispatch, and we offer complete office solutions for your freight transportation needs.


No Forced Dispatch

Forced dispatch, in simple terms, means that a company orders a driver to carry a load.  Forcing you to take a load that isn't safe for you is a common tactic used by some dispatchers.  The responsibility for your safety shifts to you the moment you put the keys in the ignition.  So, if you can't securely carry a load, don't take it.  Here at GQL, safety is a priority!


Loads for all Equipment Types

Aside from Reefers, Flatbeds, and Dry Vans, we can also handle Power Only and other types of equipment regardless of the volume being transported.


24/7/365 – Dispatch Assistance

Our dispatchers are available around the clock, seven days a week, even on holidays.  Your drivers will always have a job, thanks to a well-planned dispatch strategy that we'll put together for you.

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